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Sandra Kay Johnson

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“Koi, Warm and Cool”

Original  Silk, 30 x 40, custom size giclee reproduction prints are available for all of my works.

Please Contact Me for information, availability and pricing.

Sandra Kay Johnson – Statement

My work is about finding connections; connections across time and space, connections that unite mankind, connections that help me identify my own place in the world. Imagery intended to represent places of empowerment and sanctuary common to mankind is a common theme of my work. I am using the flow of light and energy in natural forms to try to capture the feeling of Arcadian places, inspired by the woods and garden around my studio.

For me the forms of trees and flowers are as figurative as Degas’s dancers; they evoke the spirituality of cathedral spaces. My own struggle to make this work keeps me responsive to the rhythm and flow of my own life’s path. In that struggle, in that rhythm and flow I find empowerment and sanctuary. My hope is that my paintings and sculptures communicate these ideas and feelings.

Original Silk 46″ x 46″

“Reflection #15”
Original Acrylic 40″ x 30″



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